On our two day excursion we include a visit to the village of Monodendri in Zagoria to view the Vikos Gorge before continuing towards the awe inspiring monasteries of Meteora.

2 Day Trip

Wednesday & Thursday

The beautiful National Park of Zagoria, just north of Ioaninna, has an amazing natural and rugged landscape of mountains and rivers with pretty traditional stone villages.

From the village of Monodendri we walk to the deserted monastery of Agia Paraskevi, with its magnificent views of the Vikos Gorge. The gorge is in the Guinness Book of Records for being the deepest gorge in the world (in relation to its width). Along the bottom run the clear waters of the Voidomatis River. After a relaxing lunch in the village of Vikos the journey to Meteora continues.

The Vikos Gorge

Arrival at the village of Kastraki early Wednesday evening gives us time to admire the monasteries from below.
The monasteries of Meteora are in the plains of Thessaly perched upon the unique natural phenomenon of rock pillars. The pillars, over a thousand in all, give the area a deep sense of tranquility. The monasteries themselves were built in the 11th century, of the original 21 monasteries, 6 are still in operation today.

The largest and the first to be visited on Thursday morning is the Great Meteora – Monastery of the Transfiguration. Visitors to the monastery prior to 1923 would have to make the ascent in the original way of the monks, by rope ladders or winched up in a net. Luckily for visitors today the net is now used only for supplies!
Your guide will then choose one, or two, depending on time, of the other monasteries to visit.

On the return journey to Parga, a short stop at the picturesque town of Metsovo. A very traditional mountain town which, at 1,156m, is on one of the highest peaks of the Pindos mountain range. Metsovo is also one of Greece’s many ski resorts during winter months.