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A day of stunning natural sites.  

Take a boat ride on the River Acheron (also known as the River Styx) and after traveling inland
ramble upstream in the refreshing waters of the river at the village of Gliki.

Just a short journey along the coast from Parga lies the mouth of the River Acheron (also known as the River Styx from mythology).  This mystical river plays a big part in Greek mythology as the river that leads to the Underworld and the Kingdom of Hades.  

Hades was the sovereign of the Underworld and  brother of Zeus, the supreme God. Hades and his 3 assessors would judge the souls of the dead as they entered the kingdom after travelling across the River Styx with The Ferryman, who was paid by gold coins.

You may also hear the story of the Oracle of the Nekromantio (visit to the oracle not included on the excursion) just 23km from Parga.  The site of the oracle with its proximity to the mystical underground river Styx was believed by ancient Greeks in the 5th Century BC to be the gateway to the Underworld. People visited the oracle and offered gifts to the dead. Before communicating with the souls of the dead, visitors had to be cleansed and purified by the priests at the Oracle by following a strict diet for several days.

The meeting with the souls of the dead took place in the Chamber of Hades, an underground room that you can still visit today.  

On our excursion we take a boat ride along this infamous river and view the abundance of wildlife, flora and forna.  Turtles can be seen bathing in the sunshine and  kingfishers nest in the river´s banks. 

For lunch we travel inland to the village of Gliki.  Lunch is under the shade of plane trees by the side of the River Acheron. A cool and relaxing spot to soak up the atmosphere of the riverside.

After lunch, a quick change into swimwear and into shoes for walking in the river, the river ramble starts by the Springs of the Acheron, the water here is shallow and crystal clear. As you walk upstream you enter the Gliki gorge which narrows with sheer cliffs rising above, the water gets deeper as you proceed and the gorge narrows. After approximately 45 minutes you get to a point where you need to swim. For good swimmers you can try to swim against the current of water forcing its way between the narrow opening whilst others can enjoy the spectacle.

Wading back downstream we make our way back and at the taverna we change into dry clothes, have a refreshing drink and return to Parga.

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10:00          Departure from Parga

10:30       Arrival in Ammoudia

10:35          Depart with the boat for river trip

11:15       Return to Ammoudia

11:45      A visit to Ammoudia´s Ornithological Information Centre

12:15       Departure from Ammoudia for Gliki

13:00       Arrival in Gliki and time for lunch

14:30          River walk

16:15       Departure for Parga

17.00       Approximate arrival in Parga




For children up to 4 years old there is no charge, but please declare them while making a booking for this tour.

Child up yo 4 years old- Free of Charge

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Sun creamYes
Money for lunchYes
Swimwear and towelYes
Shoes for riverYes

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